MHMAS Volunteer Registration

With your registration as a health volunteer, you are being asked to provide personal and health information in order to assess your capability to be deployed during a health event. The information will be used to contact you about the need for your volunteer services, the coordination of your services, and/or for any follow-up issues after your registration.

All the information we obtain from you will be kept private or non-public as security information under 2-17-550 through 2-17-553 MCA and other State of Montana Information Technology privacy policies. It will only be used to determine your ability and eligibility for a deployment.

Persons who will have access to this information are you, State of Montana and its federal, regional, and local partners involved in planning, investigating, or controlling a public health emergency and the vendor contracted to maintain this Site and its services. The program administrators of the organizations and agencies you associate yourself with in the application will receive the information and use this data to contact you. The State of Montana will not provide this information to anyone else without your consent.

There is no legal obligation for you to provide this information to us. However, without it the MHMAS program administrators may not be able to accept your services as a health volunteer.

Montana Healthcare License Information
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